General dentistry services are the backbone of oral healthcare. General dentists are the foundation of a successful smile, providing preventative care such as cleanings, fluoride treatments, and check-ups to maintain your teeth and gums regularly.

Furthermore, they specialize in restorative treatment options such as dental fillings, root canals, crowns, bridges, and tooth extractions. With the promotion of at-home hygiene habits such as brushing twice daily and flossing once daily while visiting our office every 6 months, our general dentistry services in Sydney aim to keep your smile healthy for years to come.

Martin Place Orthodontics General Dentistry Services Sydney

At Martin Place Orthodontics in Sydney, our general dental services provide comprehensive diagnoses and treatments for optimal oral health. Our experienced dentists use modern techniques and up-to-date technology to ensure that our client’s teeth are examined with the utmost care. We offer an array of services including cleanings, X-rays, fillings, sealants, root canals, dental crowns and bridges.
Our friendly staff take the time to gain a comprehensive understanding of each patient’s dental health needs so proper treatment can be provided quickly, effectively, and comfortably. Whether you require a routine cleaning or require more sophisticated procedures such as root canals or crowns and bridges, our experienced team has you covered with expert care and comfort in general dental services at Martin Place Orthodontics in Sydney!

Martin Place Orthodontics Teeth Cleaning Sydney

At Martin Place Orthodontics in Sydney, we understand the importance of good oral hygiene and regularly scheduled dental cleanings. Our team of expert orthodontists are dedicated to providing exceptional service for all our clients whilst ensuring you receive the highest quality dental care.

During dental cleaning appointments, we use state-of-the-art equipment to help remove plaque build up and achieve healthier teeth and gums. Our modern facility ensures that all your comfort needs are catered for, so you can rest assured you will receive the best possible dental clean experience at Martin Place Orthodontics in Sydney.

General and Cosmetic Dentistry Sydney

Martin Place Orthodontics is the premier provider of both general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services in Sydney. Our team of skilled dental professionals are available to provide high-quality care for everyone, no matter the need. Whether you’re looking for a straightforward check-up or an extensive whitening treatment, Martin Place Orthodontics has experienced staff on hand to guide you every step of the way.

General Dentist Services Sydney - FAQ

Taking care of your teeth after your dentist appointment is an important part of ensuring good oral health. It’s essential to wait 30 minutes before eating or drinking and to avoid hot foods or drinks for at least four hours afterwards. It’s important to gently brush your teeth before going to bed, but avoid scrubbing too hard, which can damage the areas that have been treated. Additionally, if you experience any signs of pain, swelling, infection or sensitivity in the days following your appointment, don’t hesitate to follow up with your dental office as soon as possible. By following these simple aftercare tips, you’ll be able to keep those pearly whites looking great!

As you prepare for your next appointment, it’s important to follow certain dos and don’ts that will help make your visit as successful as possible. For example, there’s no need to brush or floss excessively before the appointment. It’s also a good idea to take the time to prepare your kids for what may be for them an uncharted experience.

Similarly, avoid food and sugary beverages ahead of time so that we can fully assess your condition. We also suggest writing down any questions you have in advance so that you’re prepared with everything you might want to know. Of course, taking the time beforehand to let us know your medical history is always helpful too. Following these simple tips can help ensure a successful appointment and is greatly appreciated by our team here at Martin Place Orthodontics!

X-rays come in handy when it comes to evaluating the health of our teeth and mouth. Visual exams can only tell us so much, but x-rays can show us what is going on beneath the enamel, gums and bone that would otherwise be impossible to detect without more invasive measures. With dental x-rays, we can diagnose conditions like decay, disease, fractures, infections, cysts and tumours better than ever before. Therefore, x-rays are essential for making sure that little gets past us when it comes to maintaining our oral health.

To keep your teeth and gums healthy, look for a toothbrush with soft bristles. Brushing your teeth gently and thoroughly twice a day is essential for oral hygiene. If you use too much force or the wrong type of bristles, you can damage your teeth and gums. When brushing, aim to spend two minutes in each area of the mouth and be sure that you reach all of the surfaces. And don’t forget that flossing once a day also helps remove food particles between your teeth and under the gum line. As far as toothpaste goes, look for ADA seal-approved products as these have been tested to ensure they have enough fluoride to help prevent cavities.

If you are experiencing any of these signs or symptoms of dental trouble, such as mouth sores, jaw pain, redness, a swollen face or gums, tooth sensitivity, broken teeth, dry mouth, bleeding gums, bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth – it is important to visit a dentist to get early treatments and prevent any more serious issues and infections from occurring. Early management can help protect both adult and child teeth for years to come.